Huge field message sparks hunt for ‘Sue

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    caption media The perplexing message was found by an authorities helicopter near the M40

    A secretSuehas actually left astonished after the name was found engraved into an Oxfordshire field.

    The perplexing message was found by the ’s Benson helicopter simply south of Tetsworth, near Thame.

    It published the image on Twitter and included: “Let’s see if we can utilize the power of to #FindSue!”

    People recommended it might be an advert for a Suex undersea scooter, or an effort to obtain on maps.

    Twitter user Pete ‏ pubblicato : “You sure it’s not an advert for a regional ?”

    RNLI Walmer dichiarato :

    Dylan Godfrey pubblicato :

    Sue can even be seen from area

    National Police Air Service <span class="off-screen
    “> immagine caption Could Sue Perkins have a superfan in Oxfordshire?
    Playback immagine copyright Hulton Archive
    immagine caption Was it motivated by Johnny Cash’s tuneA Boy Named Sue”?

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