Ecco i 30 most powerful photos of the NFL players who protested Sunday

    In response to President Donald Trump’s attacks this weekend on the NFL and its players who kneel during the national anthem, the players fought back in a way that’s become awfully familiar. They protested by kneeling and/or linking arms while the national anthems played Sunday, as the hashtag #TakeAKnee trended on Twitter.

    nel frattempo, CBS and Fox broadcast the anthems, a pregame moment neither network usually shows.

    The protests started Sunday morning when the Ravens and the Jaguars kicked off Week 3 from London’s Wembley Stadium. Players from both teams locked arms during the national anthem, multiple Baltimore players knelt, and Jacksonville owner Shad Khana Trump donorshowed solidarity with his employees.

    Once the game started, Khan released this statement.

    The Steelers, meanwhile, simply decided to sit out the national anthem.

    Which is apparently against the league rules.

    Here were other teams and players locking arms and protesting.

    Before the games began, Packers quarterbackAaron Rodgers, one of the best players in the league, posted this on Instagram.

    Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, meanwhile, released this statement.

    But the one person who started the national conversation about players kneeling during the national anthem wasn’t involved in the protests on Sunday. That’s because Colin Kaepernick is not currently employed.

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