George Takei Accused Of Groping Model In 1981!

    George Takei is the most recent celebrity to be implicated of sexual attack.

    According to The Hollywood Reporter , il Star Trek star presumably searched previous design and star Scott R. Brunton in Los Angeles in 1981. Brunton was 23 years of ages at the time of the supposed occurrence.

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    The accuser informs the publication:

    This occurred a long period of time back, however I have actually always remembered it It is among those stories you inform with a group of individuals when individuals are stating strange circumstances in their lives, this constantly shows up. I have actually been informing it for several years, however I am all of a sudden extremely worried informing it.

    According to Scott, il 2 satisfied at Greg’s Blue Dot bar where they exchanged numbers. After Brunton broke up with his-then partner, the author welcomed him out for supper and a theater program.

    He was excellent at consoling me and comprehending that I was upset and still in love with my partner He was a fantastic ear. He was great about me spilling my heart on my sleeve.

    Il 2 returned to Takei’s apartment and had more beverages. Brunton started feelingwoozy” e “disorientedafter 2 rounds.

    We have the beverage and he asks if I would like another And I stated sure. I have the 2nd one, and then all of an abrupt, I start feeling woozy and extremely disoriented, and I believed I was going to pass out. I stated I have to take a seat and he stated sit over here and he had the huge yellow beanbag chair. I sat down in that and leaned my head back and I need to have passed out.

    When he got up, he presumably saw Georgesearchinghis crotch, and attemptedto obtain my underclothing off.

    The next thing I remember I was concerning and he had my trousers down around my ankles and he was searching my crotch and attempting to get my underclothing off and sensation me up at the very same time, aiming to get his by far my underclothing I pertained to and stated, ‘What are you doing?!’ I stated, ‘I do not wish to do this.’ Lui va, ‘You have to unwind. I am simply attempting to make you comfy. Get comfy.And I stated, ‘No. I do not wish to do this.And I pressed him off and he stated, ‘OK, fine.And I stated I am going to go and he stated, ‘If you feel you must. You’re in no condition to own.I stated, ‘I do not care I wish to go.I handled to get my trousers up and compose myself and I was simply stunned. I went out and went to my cars and truck up until I felt well sufficient to own house, which was that.”‘

    Although the 2 satisfied up years later on in Portland, Brunton was not able to ask George why he (apparentemente) attacked him.

    I wished to see him I constantly wished to ask himI simply felt actually betrayed. I believed I was a pal and here I am later on, simply another piece of meat. I called him up at the hotelI figured out which hotel he was atand he stated ‘Hello there, Scott. I remember you.I wished to ask him why. We satisfied for coffee, and I simply could not bring myself to do it. It was simply too uneasy.”‘

    According to Takei’s representative:

    George is taking a trip in Japan and Australia and not obtainable for remark.

    Four of Brunton’s buddies validate to THR that Scott formerly informed them about the supposed encounter.

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