Eric Trump’s says his father can’t be a racist because he’s a capitalist

    Eric Trump busily protected his dad, Presidente Donald Trump , versus a growing variety of calls of bigotry in a series of interviews on Fox News on Tuesday and Wednesdayat one point recommending thejust colorhis dad sees is green, the color of cash.

    Speaking with Fox &&Friends , un preferred talk program of the president, on Wednesday early morning, Eric Trump safeguarded his dad versus the calls of bigotry that have actually installed after he supposedly called a number of African nations shithole countries throughout a conference about migration recently.

    His kid’s defense? The president could not potentially be racist due to the fact that thejust color he sees is green.

    My dad sees one color, green,” he informed the Fox &&Friends hosts. “Quella’ s all he appreciates, he appreciates the economy. He does not see race, he’s the least racist individual I’ve ever fulfilled in my whole life.

    In the exact same interview, Trump likewise appeared to not comprehend exactly what a metaphor was.