Elon Musk shares the last image of his Tesla Roadster in space

    Unless you invested your day under a rock on Tuesday, you most likely currently understand that SpaceX effectively released its biggest rocket ever , the Falcon Heavy. Oh, and on that rocket was a Telsa Roadster, due to the fact that why not?

    Elon Musk shared the last picture of the Roadstergeared up with aStarmanat the wheelprior to it invests the rest of eternity someplace in area . Type of haunting, sort of stunning. Might he ride permanently, and not be blown to bits.

    On Tuesday night Musk tweeted that the Falcon Heavy’s payloadwent beyond Mars orbit and kept going to the asteroid belt.

    It’s uncertain precisely where the Roadster will wind up on this journey (area is truly huge!), however in any case, the objective has actually been a significant success.

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