Elon Musk Destroys The Flat Earth Society With A Single Question, And Their Reply Is The Pinnacle Of Irony

    is understood for establishing automaker Tesla and Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (SpaceX), however just recently he has actually set up the for such a burn, it might be his biggest accomplishment.

    Il in fact think Earth is a flat disc and whatever that recommends otherwise is a conspiracy, developed by NASA and other federal government companies. On Tuesday, billionaire creator, financier, and engineer Elon Musk asked a rather philosophical concern on Twitter, questioning why there isnt a . To his and everyone elses surprise(and amusement), the main Twitter account of the Flat Earth Society reacted. Scroll down to check out the humorous exchange!

    The creator of Tesla and SpaceX is striving to make a human nest on Mars a truth, so he had an interest in exactly what the Flat-Earthers think about the Red Planet

    To his and everyone elses surprise (and amusement), the main Twitter account of the Flat Earth Society reacted

    Their response, tuttavia, appears to contrast with all their beliefs and it stimulated a humorous argument

    Elon was most likely as baffled as the Internet

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