Dropbox carta è fuori di beta e alla portata di tutti

, una applicazione di file sharing, è stato sotto esame da oltre 70 milioni dei suoi utenti’ credenziali sono state hacked.

Immagine: Jaap Arriens / NurPhoto / Sipa USA

Dropbox is beefing up its productivity tools and making cloud files much easier to find.

During a press event in San Francisco Monday, the cloud storage company introduced a new feature called SmartSync that makes cloud files accessible from usersdesktops and rolled out a line of updates to its collaboration software Paper.

Originally previewed last spring under the name Project Infinite, SmartSync aims to make it easier for teams to find cloud files by making them as accessible as local ones. Available on both Macs and PCs, the feature allows you to access files from shared team folders directly from Finder (if you’re on a Mac) or File Explorer (if you’re on a PC.)