Conor Maynard & Cash Cash Talk About Love, Heartbreak, And Fuckboys

    We took a seat with Conor Maynard and Cash (Alex Makhlouf, JP Makhlouf, and Sam Frischyou might remember them from our interview ) to speak about their newest music fuckboys . In all severity, their newest partnership for the tuneAll My Loveis an EDM anthem for heartbreak. The British vocalist (#thataccentthough) and the American DJs might or might not be fuckboys single (watch to discover), however these attractive brothers sure do understand the best ways to make a fantastic tune. Conor is all over the most doubtful platform for earning money YouTube which crumpet can singyou need to see his sing-off with The Vamps. And Cash Cash’s singleHow To Lovefrom in 2015 is still a jam; I def Snapchatted the shit from their set at EZoo in 2015. I’m unsure if I would go to them for relationship recommendations, però, since I might wind up moving into DMs and never ever stopping. #cantstopwontstop. See the video listed below to discover if these kids can recover your heartbreak (or trigger it):

    The video was simply launched for the brand-new single recently, and it is precisely how pals must comfort a broken-hearted betch (foooood and charming kids, however primarily food). See here:

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