Comcasts Xfinity internet service (and others) seem to be a bit broken nationwide this morning

    Having concerns with oggi? tu’ re quite not alone.

    Right around 10 am Pacific, we began seeing reports from both coasts that the web had actually all of a sudden slowed to a stop. Particular websites would fill simply great, however the huge bulk (from Reddit to Facebook to TechCrunch) just timed out. A bit more digging recommended that lots of people reporting concerns were on Comcasts Xfinity service.

    Down Detector s user-generated failure map reveals reports illuminating throughout the nation

    The very same website reveals an enormous spike in reports simply after 10 am Pacific.

    Down Detector is likewise revealing a comparable spike in reports for Level 3 , among the Tier 1 o “ backhaulcompanies. If theyre having concerns, esso ’ ll ripple out to lots of other ISPs, consisting of Comcast.

    Comcast has actually acknowledged the concern on their customer support account, stating “ alcuni ” clients are having problemshowever didnt provide any insight regarding exactly whats going on or any ETAs on when itll be repaired.

    In altre parole: indossare’ t trouble resetting your router simply. E doesn’ t appear to be among those issues.


    Comcast states this is a problem with anexternal network, ” which theyre still examining.

    Update # 2:

    As of 12:40 pm Pacific, Comcast states the problems ought to now be repaired.

    Level3 likewise sent me the following declaration pinning the interruption on asetup mistake ”:

    Di lunedi, Nov. 6, our network experienced a service disturbance impacting some consumers with IP-based services. The interruption was triggered by a setup mistake. We understand how crucial these services are to our clients. Our specialists had the ability to bring back service within roughly 90 minuti.

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