Chris Evans, the IRL Captain America, is out there fighting against Donald Trump


    Captain America to the rescue!
    Immagine: mashable composite: marvel and MIKHAIL SVETLOV/GETTY IMAGES

    America might utilize a hero right about now, e Chris Evans (aka, Capitano America) appears up for the task.

    Di lunedi, held a joint interview with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland. lui — the United States president, that isinvested an excellent quantity of time safeguarding Russia and slamming America, the FBI, the Mueller probe, and Hillary Clinton.

    Evans, who depicts a male who actually commits his life to protecting America, did not authorize of Trump’s habits, and chose to @ the president and the GOP on to ask exactly what the heck is incorrect with everyone.

    “io indosso’ t even understand exactly what to state. Today was a disgrace. @realDonaldTrump ashamed America and need to repent of himself, “Evans tweeted.Shame on anybody who opts to disregard Russias disturbance in our democracy for the sake of Trumps political wellness. io ’ m at a total loss.

    The star then sent out a follow-up tweet out to the GOP, where he called Trump aidiot, puppet, cowardwho agreed Putin over United States firms for all the world to see.

    Evans, whose uncle, Mike Capuano , acts as the Democratic Representative for Massachusetts’s 7th Congressional District, has actually freely condemned Trump’s actions on Twitter often times previously.

    Finora, fans appear to be down with the on-screen hero relying on politics on his feed and are motivating him to conserve the day.