Carson Daly’s Dad Dies Just A Month After His Mother’s Passing

    So unfortunate!

    We were sad for Carson Daly last month when we became aware of his mom , Pattie Daly Caruso , passing at 73.

    Adesso, simply weeks later on, his stepfather Dick Caruso has actually passed as well, after being ill for a long time.

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    Carson’s dad, James Thomas Daly , passed away when he was simply 5 years of ages. Penis and Pattie got wed a couple years later on, and Carson considered him a 2nd dad, even calling him his Dad.

    The TELEVISION character shared the heartbreaking news to Instagram on Tuesday, composing:

    We cannot picture exactly what Carson should be going through today.

    We’re considering him and his household throughout this tough time.

    [Image through Today/ NBC / Brian To/ QUANDO ]

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