Boston Dynamics Atlas robot is a parkour master

    ! That’s exactly what we ought to all be dedicating our combined knowledge to. There’s no nobler human pursuit, so naturally we need to produce a robotic that can master the so-called sport of kings.And yes, that is the vero sport of kings.

    Boston Dynamics has actually displayed its brand-new variation of SpotMini, a robotic pet dog that’s somewhat less intimating cased in its more customer friendly rounded future armor. Now it’s likewise capturing us up on exactly what’s been going down with its bipedal Atlas bot, the most humanoid of its productions.

    Atlas can now leap from raised block to raised block, and do a total about-face in the air. It can jump quite high, as well as do a backflip and after that commemorate its backflipping capability. I might do without the grandstanding, future destroyer of worlds.

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