AWKWARD! Watch Sean Hannity Keep Getting Corrected By Shep Smith In New Supercut

    Fox News hosts Shep Smith e Sean Hannity are typically worlds apart, with Smith utilizing his broadcast to fix a few of the claims Hannity has actually made on his.

    Earlier this year, Smith grumbled that the networks viewpoint hosts, such as Hannity, “ indossare ’ t truly have guidelines . ”

    Some of our viewpoint programs exists strictly to be amusing , ” Smith informed Time publication. “ I get that. io indosso ’ t work there. I wouldnt work there. Ho messo su’ t wish to relax and chew out each other and discuss your approach and my approach. ”

    Hannity was none too pleased about the dig.

    While Shep is a pal with politicalviews I do not share, and excellent at breaking news, he is unaware about exactly what we do every day , ” Hannity fired back.

    Media Matters developed a supercut of Hannity making incorrect claims and Smith opposing him on Fox News.

    Check it out sopra.