AIM is officially dead

    Sayfarewell ”( in the voice, if possible) a Instant Messenger.

    Back in October, (the integrated entity of Yahoo and Aol) rivelato that it would shutter on December 15. sì, today is the day.

    While there is no scarcity of methods to interact online, AIM holds an unique location in much of our hearts.

    For a few of us, it was the top place we spoke to our crush. It was our web play area, where we grew familiar with online acronyms and very first discovered the really healthy practice of web stalking.

    AIM is the top place we ever composed a web bio, most likely in Comic Sans, with outrageous text and background colors.

    AIM never ever stood an opportunity at staying up to date with the speed of development on the internet, which is why its sun has actually set, however that doesnt modification what it indicated to us.

    So today, put one out for teenage you typing intensely on the computer system in your moms and dadsworkplace. LOL. AFK. BRB. ROFL.

    Creaky door closing sound impact

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