After Trump’s visit to Puerto Rico, Mayor of San Juan wears a ‘NASTYT-shirt in a TV interview

    Whoever is accountable for the Mayor of San Juan’s T-shirt collection, we ‘d like to take this time to thank you.

    Mayor Carmen Yuln Cruz , not one to mince her words or demonstration T-shirts, used a black T-shirt emblazoned with the wordsNASTYon it to a Univision interview Wednesday early morning. Yuln Cruz’s T-shirt appears to have actually remained in reaction to Trump’s tweets about her on Saturday, along with his marvelously tone deaf go to to the island the other day.

    Here’s exactly what Yuln Cruz had to state of his time there:

    When somebody is irritated by somebody declaring absence of drinking water, absence of medication for the ill, and absence of food for the starving, that individual has issues too serious to be discussed in an interview. Exactly what is actually nasty is that anybody would turn their back on the Puerto Rican individuals,” Yuln Cruz informed Univision .

    From his golf club on Saturday, Trump tweeted : “The Mayor of San Juan, who was extremely complimentary just a few days back, has actually now been informed by the Democrats that you need to be nasty to Trump.

    He later on included: “Such bad management capability by the Mayor of San Juan, and others in Puerto Rico, who are unable to obtain their employees to assist. They desire whatever to be provided for them when it need to be a neighborhood effort.

    After appearing in Puerto Rico the other day to pitch paper towels at desperate individuals and embarrass everybody enjoying, the President then hopped back in his air conditioned airplane to Nevada to do whatever the hell he did there.

    Over the weekend, Yuln Cruz was spotted using a likewise created T-shirt checking outWe are passing away.

    The death toll in Puerto Rico is 34, though it is anticipated to increase far greater .

    The #Deplorable Twitter neighborhood that supports Trump, currently reeling from the NFL demonstrations, shamed the mayor for not using better suited T-shirts on tvnot the president, for you understand, stopping working the Puerto Rican individuals.

    NASTY ladies like Clinton and Yuln Cruz are resisting, one block print T-shirt at a time.

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