Actor Anthony Edwards Claims He And A Friend Were Molested & Raped By Broadway Producer Gary Goddard

    Hollywood isn’t really the only showbiz town with a sexual attack issue.

    Actor Anthony Edwards has actually stepped forward to claim he and his good friend were molested by Broadway manufacturer and theme-park designer Gary Goddard (above, insert).

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    In an effective post on Medium, Edwards remembered conference Goddard when he was 12, and explained how the manufacturerrapidly ended up being a dominant force in [his] lifeas a coach and good example.

    But the mentorship program, so to speak, took a dark turn when Goddardmade use ofEdwards and his good friend. The star continued:

    My vulnerability was made use of. I was molested by Goddard, my buddy was raped by himand this went on for several years. The group people, the gang, remained peaceful.

    Because Edwards felt accountable for getting mistreated, he kept in mind not having the ability to inform his mom the reality when she asked him about reports that the manufacturer was a pedophile.

    At that time, Edwards was 14 years of ages, however he stated the resulting damage stuck to him for several years:

    The resulting damage to the psychological advancement of a kid is unforgivable and deep. Just after I had the ability to separate my experience, procedure it, and put it in its location might I accept this reality: My abuse might constantly be with me, however it does not own me.

    The now-55-year-old declared he encountered Goddard 22 years earlier and challenged him for his actions. Edwards felt ashort-lived sense of reliefwhen the manufacturer presumably revealed regret and stated he had actually gotten assistance.

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    But Edwardssensations of rage resurfaced 4 years earlier when Goddard remained in journalism for supposed sexual assault.

    For those who do not know, Goddard was targeted in a set of claims from aiming star Michael Egan that likewise called X-Men director Bryan Singer . Egan and the other confidential British guy both dismissed their fits .

    As for Edwards, he’s hoping that shedding a light on his abuse can assist break the preconception of the subject and motivate more victims to open about their injury, concluding:

    I’ve found out a lot in these last 4 anni. Most significantly, I’ve discovered that I’m not alone. One in 6 males have a violent sexual experience prior to they turn 18. Secrecy, embarassment and worry are the tools of abuse, and it is just by breaking the preconception of youth sexual assault that we can recover, alter mindsets, and develop much safer environments for our kids.

    [Image through Rachel Worth/Ivan Nikolov/ QUANDO ]

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