Accidental Facebook post about a toddler becomes an unexpected hit

    Not , however we want it were.
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    UPDATE: Oct. 3, 2017, 12:55 p.m. UTC released a story Tuesday specifying that Ramona is, in truth, not a felineshe is an infant. She does have a feline.

    Here’s hoping Ramona and her feline pal ended up being NPR essentials in the coming weeks.


    Original story:

    Accidentally publishing individual things onto a work page is every social networks supervisor’s worst problem.

    This time, after the last couple of days, it came as a minute of relief. Di lunedi, an NPR staffer’s unexpected Facebook post went viral, generating more than 20,000 responses at the time of composing. It worried none aside from a feline called Ramona, most likely coming from the author of the post.

    Ramona is offered brand-new toy: Smiles, takes a look at for 20 seconds, discards,” checks out the initial post. “Ramona gets a hug: Acquiesces temporarily, squirms to be put down.

    sì, even the error checks out like something from NPR.

    The post was modified quickly later with an apology for the mistake, showing that it was meant for an individual account.

    But it was far too late, and individuals had actually captured wind of Ramona the feline. They desired more.

    People were likewise getting in touch with NPR to guarantee the poster in concern would not be disciplined for their small mistake.

    Dopotutto, exactly what’s more specific in life than errors and misbehaving felines?

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