A Timeline Of Paul Manafort’s Shady Behavior And Why TF You Should Care

    Welcome to another captivating episode ofSomeone Who Worked On the Trump Campaign is a Shady Asshole.We appear to be having a great deal of episodes recently. Piace, this program will ultimately produce a really juicy binge session when it ultimately winds up on Netflix. Today’s episode stars Paul Manafort: Former Trump project manager/guy who would most likely be a DILF if he wasnt such an enormous stack of steaming pet shit. For more examples of the latter, see: House Speaker Paul Ryan.

    So lets begin with exactly what you ideally currently understand: Paul Manafort was Trumps project chairman -aka half the factor were in this ordeal. Bene, he and the majority of the Midwest are the factor. Shoutout to my Aunt Mary Sue in Indiana!

    Anyways, Manafort was arraigned Monday on charges that hefunneled countless dollars through abroad shell business and utilized the cash to purchase high-end cars and trucks, realty, antiques and costly fits. ” So this man resembles, a living plotline from. This indictment originates from unique counsel Robert Mueller (Bueller? Bueller?), whose task is to examine whether anybody in Trumps army of assholes dealt with Russia to screw up the American election. Spoiler alert: They did.

    But, piace, it would take 10 short articles to discuss all the numerous Russian colluders in our middle. io’ m simply here to offer you a rundown of Paul Manafort’s fucker. Lets do that:

    Real Pic Of Me Getting Ready To Explain This Insane Situation:

    marzo 28, 2016: Manafort Gets on Trump Train: Manafort consumes the Kool-Aid, signs up with the Trump group regardless of the truth that at this point everybody still believes Trump is a joke who is going to lose. His specialty is being extremely into theLock Her Upchant, and being usually dubious af.

    Può 19, 2016: Manafort gets promoted to Trump project chairman and chief strategist after Corey Lewandowski (another dickhead) gets the can. Bye Felicia. You understand exactly what they state, in style the Trump project, one day you’re in, and the next day, you’re out.

    giugno 9, 2016: Manafort participates in the notorious conference with the Russian lawyer in Trump Tower . This conference is a huge fuckinoffer, alright? esso ’ s something that need to have NEVER occurred and it included human birth-control Donald Trump Jr. and Trumps Snake-in-Law, Jared Kushner. You most likely keep in mind finding out about it when American genius Don Jr. dripped his own nudes e-mails about it. The conference was with Russian legal representative called Natalia Veselnitskaya, who guaranteed to provide destructive info about Hillary Clinton’syou thought ite-mails.

    agosto 14, 2016: dispense the invoices in between Manafort and pro-Russian political celebration. That’s right, the stopping working, which spreads out phony news and is Very Unfair! Unfortunate!, composed an expose about Manafort and his payments of about $12.7 million from previous Ukrainian President Viktor F. Yanukovych in between 2007 e 2012. I believe thats over the limitation that Venmo enables, however perhaps that’s various in the Ukraine.

    agosto 19, 2016: Manafort states deuces to the Trump Campaign. Obviously Manafort informed Trump to lay off insulting Gold-Star households and Trump resemblednah. ” ah, the age old fight in between 2 huge dickheads.


    Può 17, 2017: Former FBI head Robert Mueller is selected as unique counsel to examine the Trump-Russia connection.

    Mueller Walking Into Meetings:

    giugno 27, 2017: Manafort divulges more than $17 million in payments from Ukrainian political celebration. si, there is MORE loan. And this time Manafort was operating in the United States for a foreign federal government, which resembles, a tough no.

    luglio 25, 2017: Manafort affirms prior to Senate Intelligence Committee. He turns over all the records from his Russian conference, sniffles to the court “ però … however her e-mails. ”

    luglio 26, 2017: FBI raids Manafort’s house . Weirdest episode of ever. The FBI can be found in hot, robbed Manaforts house all of a sudden and entrusted to a lot of that good-good. Similar to there is constantly loan in the banana stand, there are constantly reports of traitorous activities in a Trump consultant’ s casa.

    settembre 19, 2017: CNN reported that the United States federal government wiretapped Manafort, conspiracy theorists rejoice. Voglio dire, we currently understand the federal government has no issue spying on us, so Manafort is no exception. Obviously the federal government resembledWe believe hes doing some questionableshit with a foreign federal government, ” ed esso ’ s come, reasonable enough, so they tracked his shit down. This might be bad for him and for Trump- which like, God we hope so.

    ottobre 30, 2017: Also recognized asLiberal Christmas.Manafort turns himself into the FBI. Mueller revealed his very first charges and got authorized by a Federal Grand Jury, so Manafort resembled, “ K so I see things are not working outand turned himself in. esso’ s essential to keep in mind that these charges put ont consist of specific reference of Russian collusion or his time on the Trump project, however concentrates on his Ukrainian political ties and financial resources. . The examination is still in progress and so far, esso’ s looking like its going to be the finest season of House of Cards.

    So now is it like, our rely on chantLock Him Up ”? Let me understand, thx.

    Oh, and if you require this info in video kind, here’s our one minute refresher course on all things Manafort. You’re actually so welcome.

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