A Comprehensive Ranking Of The Biggest Fuckboys Of Bravo

    esso’ s clear that we enjoy to dislike on Bravo. We discuss how unpleasant everybody on is, and how fucking dumb and dull everybody on è, ma, here we are, seeing every garbage load Andy Cohen slings our method. Other than. Even Im not that faithful. And while the majority of time the HBICs of Bravo get all the credit for keeping shit fascinating, there are a handful of fuckboys that fucking suck, however like, are amusing af to view from a range. Here you have it. A conclusive ranking of Bravos most significant fuckboys .

    12. Peter Thomas

    The star isnt the very first piece of shit Bravo young boy you consider, however he def should have an area on the list. Every damn week when he was wed to our lady Cynthia he undoubtedly went to the strip club like. Quella’ s simply gross. I get for bachelor celebrations and shit, however reel it in man. You have a stunning queen of a partner in your home and you’d rather be seeing Cinnamon, who is probs no greater than a strong 6, get dollar expenses pushed in her ass? Smh.

    11. The Jersey Joes

    Joe Giudice and Joe Gorga get to share the # 11 area due to the fact that, permettere’ s be truthful, che cosa ’ s the fucking distinction? They both are guido meatheads who pretend to do building although all of us understand theyre in the mafia. Noi’ ve seen prior to. We understand how this shit works. Joe Giudice is even worse, I think, due to the fact that of the entire jail thing and he called his other half a cunt as soon as. Then once again, Joe Gorga turns his shit when Melissa doesnt have a blow and a sandwich task waiting for him upon his arrival, so like, esso’ s a tossup.

    10. Tom DAgostino

    What sort of dumbass constructs out with a rando at a location all you and your brand name brand-new fiances buddies hang out? tu’ re a moron and a fuckboy. Vedo. If unfaithful on Luann like, a day after getting engaged wasnt enough, he got with her while he was screwing her fellow castmate Sonja, while she and Lu fucking cohabited. And even more, he was likewise dating Ramona at the time. Voglio dire, exists anybody in NYC you can sleep with who isnt a Housewife? Là’ s got ta be a couple of.

    9. Mario Singer

    Mario flies under the radar as one of Bravos prime fuckboys, tuttavia, io ’ m here to call his shit out. lui ’ s your common midlife crisis fuckboy who launched an affair with a chick like, 30 years below him and did it in his and his partners own home. Fucking gross. After Ramona captured him, he pulled the entire back-and=forth on whether they might work it out, however eventually wound up dating his girlfriend. GTFO.

    8. Jason Hoppy

    Ugh, Jason is the fucking worst. When Bethenny initially began dating him, he was kinda charming in the entire “ io indosso ’ t mind having a strong lady and taking the rear seats type of methodhowever damn did that fade. As quickly as they separated, Jason really ended up being Satan and attempted to take all Queen Bs cash, her apartment or condo, and her child. Since of his petty, greedy ass, the divorce was dragged out over practically 4 fucking years. As well as though shits been settled, lui ’ s still being a fucking psychopath, apparently stalking Bethenny and sending her threatening messages and shit. Jason would top the list other than that his habits goes method beyond garden-variety fuckboy shit and into frightening af psycho-who-will-kill-you-and-wear-your-skin area.

    7. Slade Smiley

    While Slade has actually just recently been outshined, lui ’ s genuinely the OG Bravo fuckboy. With a name like Slade Smiley, it’s almost fatethat this man would end up being a douche. We initially fulfilled him when he he was dating Jo, who he wished to remain at house all the time and tidy in a fucking French housemaid outfit. K. He ended up being fuck pals with # 2 Lauri. And now, lui ’ s shacking up with his 3rd homemaker, Gretchen. lui ’ s like the initial West Coast variation of Tom. He lands greater on the list due to the fact that hes been implicated of dipping out on kid assistance and I put ont have time for a deadbeat and a fuckboy father.

    6. Brooks Ayers

    I reclaim my previous declaration about Jason. Brooks is the real worst human on all Bravo. And I weart state that gently. He mooches off Vicki for her loan, fucks 20-something-year-old pornography stars when theyre on a break(vom ), and fucking FAKES CANCER to aim to get individuals to like him. That would all be beautiful foregone conclusion if we were speaking about an episode of MTV’s however you are a Real Husband, for fuck’s sake. WTF is incorrect with you? If that wasnt enough, he informed Vickis son-in-law that he needs to beat his spouse aka Vickis child to keep her in line. Brb removing my earrings to go whoopsome misogynist Mississippi ass.

    5. Since he attempts to screw whatever in sight and simply deals with females like shit in basic, Ben Robinson

    Ben is an ultimate fuckboy. Not to point out, he calls everybodychildin an Austin Powers voice which truthfully provides me problems to this day. Se tu ’ re on a boat in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean, and you have a vaginal area (or any hole probs), Ben will aim to fuck you. Idk the specific variety of stews hes talked to, or a minimum of attempted to, for many years however I seem like its a strong 75%at minimum. Più, can we get him a Xanax? Anybody who has an actual psychological break over the precise time breakfast is servedWHEN YOU ARE EMPLOYED ASTHE GODDAMN CHEF OF THE BOAThas to develop a huge bridge and overcome themself.

    4. Shep Rose

    Shep is the sort of person that makes you dislike yourself since you understand hes a fuckboy whos simply aiming to get laid by the whole town of Charleston, however you still fuck him anyhow. lui ’ s amusing, lui ’ s smart-ish and in spite of the entiresex with anything that moves”cosa, he really doesnt reward females extremely unless you’re anticipating him to call you back. Exactly what a principle.There I go once again, making reasons as to why a legitimate fuckboy isnt as bad as other fuckboys. * Slaps self consistently till awareness of making the very same errors over and over once again takes place * Okay, noi ’ re excellent. Due to the fact that hes in fact lovely, Shep is the most harmful type of fuckboy. Unlike Jax and James(noi ’ re arriving )you weart need to be a self-loathing human to succumb to himyou simply need to be a little intoxicated and having a fat day. RISK.

    3. Thomas Ravenel

    Ah ha! Another dreadful individual. Things initially, he handled to fertilize a gold digging 20-year-old not just when, however TWICE. When he made it so damn simple, quello ’ s borderline outstanding and at that point you cannot even blame Kathryn for gold digging. Thomas resembles, 60 and informs other 20-year-olds besides his infant mother to take their complement and shit. When he was holding some kind of workplace, he was jailed for doing coke back. Tbh, that South Carolinians chose him in the very first location makes me believe even less than them as a state than I did in the past, which is likewise excellent. lui ’ s the creepiest of weird old men, like Jack Nicholson minus the cool Hollywood connections and Lakers tickets. His worst offense, tuttavia, is his desire to speak godawful French at random times every episode. Like STFU grandfather.

    2. James Kennedy

    The white Kanye West himself discovers himself practically topping our list of Bravo fuckboys. Sinceramente, this list might be of every fuckboy in the world and DJ James Kennedy would no doubt still be leading 10. James has the basic qualities of a traditional fuckboy consisting of making love with lots of females, like practically every SURver at this moment; unfaithful on his sweetheart; and extoling his sex-capades to his good friendsor in his case, the Bravo manufacturers with a cam pointed at his face for side commentary. He calls females fat, spits on them when arguing, and is simply and all in all asshole. The majority of his fuckboyness(fuckboyery?)Is directed at Kristen, so like, esso ’ s typically kinda amusing.

    1. Jax Taylor

    I understand exactly what youre thinking: “ But James got in a physical battle with Kristen ” e “ he informed Katie to deal with her summer season body. ” Qui ’ s the distinction. James is 25. Jax resembles 40, and hes still doing this shit. Sicuro, contemporary Jax seems in a dedicated relationship with nation bumpkin Brittany and like, lui ’ s not as awful as he was. Lets go through his Bravo resume, shall we? 1 )Pretty much whatever that comes out of his fucking mouth relating to females. 2)He fucked– io ’ sono spiacente, “banged”– his friends sweetheart while hewas oversleeping the other space. Please note: stated lady is likewise his on-again-off-again sweethearts buddy. … 3)He got a pornography star pregnant in Vegas and paid for her to have an abortion all while he was with Stassi. suggerisco, I didnt even understand shit like this occurred IRL aside from on. And theres more. I understand there is, however my mind simply blew itself when I typed that last one, so I believe thats enough for today.

    Congratulations, Jax. You are King of Fuckboys. If any of us are shocked, as.

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