100 cryptocurrencies described in four words or less

    This list explains cryptocurrencies.

    Each gets 4 words. There are lots of.

    Some are landmarks. Some are frauds.

    Hopefully this supplies orientation.

     Nome|Sym.|Description  ----------------|-------|------------------------------------------  Ethereum |ETH|Programmable agreements and loan Cash |BCH|Bitcoin clone Litecoin |LTC|Faster Bitcoin NEO |NEO|. Chinese-market Ethereum NEM |XEM|Batteries-included digital properties Ethereum  IOTA |MIOTA|Internet-of-things payments OmiseGO |OMG|Banking, remittance, and exchange  BitConnect |BCC|Madoff-like mutual fund Cardano |ADA|Layered currency and agreements Tether |USDT|Rate=1 USD Lumens |XLM|Digital IOUs Hshare |HSR|Blockchain switchboard Stratis |STRAT|Decentralized applications in C# Ark |ARK|Blockchain switchboard Bytecoin |BCN|Privacy-focused cryptocurrency Ardor |ARDR|Blockchain for generating blockchains Coin |BNB|Pay Binance exchange charges Populous |PPT|Billing trading futures TenX |PAY|Cryptocurrency charge card BitcoinDark |BTCD|Zcoin close Golem |GNT|Lease other individuals's computer systems Gas |GAS|Pay costs on Neo Vertcoin  | VTC|Bitcoin clonemarkup-- strong"markup-- pre-strong"> MonaCoin |MONA|Japanese Dogecoin Basic  SALT |SALT|Cryptocurrency-backed loans Kyber  Dogecoin |DOGE|Major meme bitcoin clone Veritaseum |VERI|Vaporware SingularDTV |SNGLS|Decentralized Netflix Byteball  Bytes |GBYTE|Decentralized database and currency Metaverse  GXShares |GXS|Decentralized Chinese Equifax Siacoin |SC|Lease disk area 0x |ZRX|Decentralized exchange  Lykke |LKK|Digital property exchange Blocknet |BLOCK|Decentralized exchange Iconomi |ICN|Digital property mutual fund DigiByte |DGB|Faster Bitcoin Ripio  Credit |RCN|Co-signed Cryptocurrency Loans ATMChain |ATM|Marketing network VeChain |VEN|Supply chain product IDs Particl |PART|Personal privacy market and chat Shares |KCS|Profit-sharing exchange charges FunFair |ENJOYABLE|Decentralized gambling establishment Power  Nxt |NXT|Cryptocurrency and market Cryptonex |CNX|Zerocoin clone Storj |STORJ|. Lease disk area Nexus |NXS|Bitcoin clone Zeusshield |ZSC|Decentralized insurance coverage DATAcoin |DATA|Real-time information market NAV  AdEx |ADX|Marketing exchange Trading |OTN|Decentralized exchange Bitdeal |BDL|Bitcoin clone  Loopring |LRC|Decentralized exchange  Edgeless |EDG|Decentralized gambling establishment  FairCoin |REASONABLE|Bitcoin that rewards savers 

    Coin ranking from coinmarketcap.com .

    Inspired by Greg Wilson .

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