10 U.S.. Presidents That Were Actually Low-Key Fuckboys

    If the 2016 election taught us anything its that America has no problemo choosing a fuckboy. This wasnt the very first time an entitled douchebag was sworn into the Oval Office. Fuckboys have actually been chosen as POTUS because the start. esso’ s nearly like theres a common measure. ** Qui’ s a ranked list of the leading 10 fuckboys to ever have lead the totally free world. Spoiler alert: essi’ re all racist AF.

    Woodrow Wilson

    This might come as a shock since your high school history instructor probs forgot to discuss that together with leading the United States throughout WWI, Wilson likewise did a great deal of racist BS. He fired a lot of black employees and changed them with white individuals and was v chill with the KKK ( he called them ‘The Great Ku Klux Klan). Not cool, brother.

    Calvin Coolidge

    Cal Cool is another man who was probs portrayed as aexcellent manin your history books, however he wasyou thought itracist. He signed the migration Act of 1924 which limited migration from Africa and eastern and southern Europe, and prohibited the migration of Arabs and Asians. It was essentially the OG Muslim Ban, however like, persino peggio.

    Bill Clinton

    scusate, Bill, however you are the defition of a fuckboy. I suggest this a guy who cheated, lied, then continued to beauty America for several years after. Più, he fucked with the lady, the misconception, the legend, Hillary Rodman Clinton. SMH.

    Lyndon B. Johnson

    Sorry to inform you, however your boi LBJ was another lying, unfaithful, asshole. Johnson utilized an occurrence where American ships were apparently assaulted by Vietnamese patrol boats as a method to obtain congress in favor of the Vietnam War. historians have actually discovered that this supposed attack probs never ever took place. And LBJ lugs understood it was a lie. Quella’ s why his forehead is so huge, esso’ s filled with tricks.

    George W. Bush

    George Dubya has actually been getting some excellent press since late, mainly due to the fact that his stupidity fades in contrast to Trump. Voglio dire, my ex would appear like a GD hero compared with Trump. Lest we forget George Ws fuckboy associate he made for being a subtle war criminal and beginning a war in Iraq based on incorrect pretenses. Which resulted in significant Islamophobia in America. His presidency began an economic crisis. don’ t let his charming little paintings trick you, lui’ s got you on read andstill isnt texting you back.

    Andrew Johnson

    Tbh I had actually never ever even become aware of this man up until I began studying for this short article, however ends up he can be contributed to the list of fuckboys. He composed in 1866 , “ This is a nation for white males, and by God, as long as I am President, it will be a federal government for white males. ” Onestamente, presidents being racist and having enormous tough ons for white supremacy is extremely derivative. Piace, get your very own brand name.

    Andrew Jackson

    Ugh, this fucking man. You might remember him from your twenty dollar costs, or as the douchelord who delicately bought his soldiers to eliminate countless Native Americans. Voglio dire, he actually triggered a mass genocide even if he seemed like it. WTF is up with Andrew Js being raving assholes?

    Ronald Reagan

    Not just was Ronnie Reag the supreme buzzkill, he was likewise supes homophobic. Reagan began the War on Drugs, quale, for the record, continues to be inadequate and perpetuates institutionalized bigotry. As if being Lord of the Narcs wasnt enough, he likewise directly disregarded the AIDs crisis, and outwardly opposed the gay rights motion. Boo!

    Richard Nixon

    And the runner up isLilDick Nix. lui ’ s most well-known for the gigantic screw up that was Watergate. He likewise lied about the Vietnam War, which was obviously a pattern among presidents. He ran his project as a challenger of the Vietnam War, however he required the war to continue in order for his method to work. He stalled peace talks in Vietnam, all so he might win the election. Wow, that is some dubious BS.

    Donald Trump

    And the winner isthe Fuck-Boy-In-Chief himself. Sinceramente, it wasnt even close. This asshole triggers drama on Twitter, is minor AF, and has been implicated of sexually harassing/assaulting several ladies. Congrats Donnie, tu’ re the very best at being the actual worst.

    Honorary Non Fuck Boy: Obama

    To clean your taste buds, we’d want to provide you with the supreme anti-fuckboy, Barack Obama. He appreciates females, is delicately BFFs with Beyonc and Jay-Z, and hes great as hell. Oh, Barry. Sigh. Miss you, like you, indicate it.

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