10 Times Nicki Minaj’s Shade Was Too Much To Handle

    Today is Nicki Minajs 34th birthday, and the day wouldnt have actually been total without honoring this real queen. Throughout the years, shes offered us numerous renowned tunes, sembra, and efficiencies, however the important things she perhaps does finest is being savage and dubious AF. Qui’ s a take a look at a few of the most crucial Nicki minutes ever, due to the fact that shes truly provided us a lot.

    1. The time she generally ended Miley Cyruslife while accepting a VMA.

    2. How she invested a whole season of tossing shade at Mariah Carey.

    3. When she utilized an approval speech to delicately attend to that Iggy Azalea may utilize a ghostwriter.

    4. When Taylor Swift aimed to get some attention and Nicki shut that shit down.

    5. When Nickis ex Meek Mill dissed her at a show and the subtweets came actually seconds later on.

    6. When she provided this extremely genuine review of the patriarchy.

    7. When she absolutely provided Drake the worst blue balls of perpetuity.

    8. When she called out Andy Cohen on his own program.

    9. Il Remy Ma fight quello’ s lasted a complete years and offered us like, 12 diss tracks.

    10. When she actually ended our lives.

    Happy birthday Queen, indossare’ t take shit from any person today.

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