How to Extend your Life Expectancy with THIS 1 Simple Exercise

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First thing to do is adjust your posture. Start with the locust pose. This is a yoga pose that will strengthen your back and abs.

Lie down on your stomach on a mat and put your arms at the side of your body, straight. Either lay your forehead on the mat or turn it to one side.

Exhale as you lift your whole body up. This includes your legs, arms, head and chest. Keep your legs together and do not bend at the knees. Just partially should your arms be lifted as they maintain a parallel line.

Look straight ahead or down. Definitely look down if you feel your neck hurting. Maintain this position while breathing in and out repeatedly. Finally release the position and go back to the start point.

You can switch your legs by raising one while the other remains on the ground. Switch them up after several seconds.

Press the mat with your palms to lift yourself up while spreading your chest. This is another easier version.

Place a towel between your hip bones and the mat if you feel pain in the hips as this will act as a cushion.

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