How to Extend your Life Expectancy with THIS 1 Simple Exercise

They say 3 hours of straight sitting causes your arteries to dilate 50% less. 24 hours of sitting increases chances of diabetes. More than 6 hours of sitting a day for 2 weeks straight and LDL cholesterol levels rise and bad fat resolving enzymes drop down. Energy levels are poor as muscles become less active. Eventually serious health problems will occur.

Exercising regularly can counter all this, right? Only if you get up off your chair. In other words, if you are still sitting for prolonged periods, you muscles are still degenerating, so exercising still wont counter the negative effects. Matter of fact some research suggests that bone mass in women decreases as much as 1% a year.

Exercising your body also means exercising your brain.

Your brain also becomes affected as it needs blood to work properly and sitting slows down that blood flow, leading to mood swings and increased stress levels.

Things just get worse from year to year. In 10-20 years, when sitting for 6 hours a day, you will lose 7 years of a healthy life and will need medical care for your health problems. Death is also an outcome which could be the result of heart disease, prostate and breast cancer, as there is a 64% chance of serious heart problems and a 30% chance of the cancers.

But if you cut back your sitting to 3 hours a day you can add 2 years to your life rather than losing 7.

Bad Body Posture.

A straight spine? Usually this is not a concern for someone sitting and working. Bad posture can lead to painful neck and shoulders, as well as bad back discomfort and pain. Again, slower blood flow occurs as well as shortage of breath. Sitting properly will lead to a much better flow, eliminating stress, while your digestive system, hormones and brain begin to work properly again.