Here’s the technology behind those mesmerizing drone light shows


    Alex Jones thinks Democrats prepared “”civil discontent” “for the Fourth of July. Possibly he'' s considering fireworks.
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    Where will you be on the Fourth of July?

    Alex Jones believes Americans will be battling in a vicious fight over avocados and soy milk. The typically disgraced conspiracy theorist and self-proclaimed “efficiency artist” declared that Democrats are preparing to introduce a civil war on Independence Day in a tweet on Monday.

    In the video Jones published, he ranted that “facility publications” that interact with the federal government rather of the public “started to establish a strategy” utilizing civil discontent and “racial strife” in order to “require Trump out.”

    OK, Alex. Maybe he misinterpreted the yearly fireworks shows as “civil discontent.”

    But his effort at riling up the general public was developed into a patriotic meme as Twitter users pictured where they would be if a 2nd civil war broke out.

    Twitter users reacted withthe hashtag #SecondCivilWarLetters, joking about fighting incels and looking for Starbucks safe homes.

    Like the correspondence in between soldiers and their liked ones throughout the “very first” American Civil War, Twitter users kept their partners and relative published with updates from the cutting edge of fight.