Heartbeat technology finds dog in tunnel

    Alan Roy Image copyright Scottish Fire and Rescue Service
    Image caption Bear the pet dog was provided water after being saved by firemens

    Firefighters have actually saved a lap dog that was caught in an underground bunny warren in West Lothian by listening for his heart beat.

    The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service situated the family pet after the alarm was raised on Monday lunch break.

    The pet – called Bear – was caught for 4 hours below a field opposite the Linlithgow Leisure Centre.

    Firefighters utilized professional devices created to identify survivors caught under collapsed structures. Once they selected up the noise of his heart beat they were able to dig down and rescue him, #peeee


    The canine – a cross in between Chihuahua and the Yorkshire Terrier – has actually now been reunited with his owner.

    Heartbeat Image copyright Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

    Alan Roy, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service watch supervisor, stated: “This was definitely among our most uncommon callouts.

    “The team at first searched for the pet by digging into the field without success however we were identified not to quit on this brave little animal.

    “The life detector listening devices is utilized in metropolitan search and rescue circumstances where we attempt to find individuals in collapsed structures.

    “Using a series of series we had the ability to determine the approximate place of Bear who was stuck down among the bunny warrens.

    “We dug and had the ability to recover the canine who appeared a bit confused however in excellent health.

    “It was vital we functioned as fast as possible so the animal didn’t hurt itself.

    “He was hydrated with water after his experience and after some cuddles from the team and his owner he looked set to go chasing after the bunnies once again.”

    Heartbeat technology Image copyright Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

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