Guardians Of The Galaxy Director Offers $100,000 If Trump Will Step On A Scale

    James Gunn , of the 2 “ Guardians of the Galaxy ” movies, is using$ 100,000 if Donald Trump will step on a scale.

    Gunn’ s uncommon proposal came hours after medical professional stated on Tuesday that the president was 6′ 3 ″ and weighed 239 pounds , or one pound shy of the level that would be thought about overweight.

    The filmmaker and other Trump critics didn’ t purchase it. Buffooning Trump’ s participation in the exposed “ birther ” conspiracy theory that declared President Barack Obama wasn’ t born in the , users produced the ## AAAAA href=”https://.com/hashtag/Girther?src=tren” target=”_ blank”> Girther hashtag to question Jackson’ s claims.

    Some even required to see Trump’ s ## AAAAA href=”” target=”_ blank”> GirthCertificate .

    Gunn’ s bounty echoed Trump ’ s 2012 deal of$5 million to charity if Obama would launch his college records. When asked exactly what charity Trumpmay choose, Gunn responded:

    Gunn made it clear that his deal wasn ’ t about body-shaming the president:

    For great step, Gunn likewise shared pictures of others for contrast, including this one:

    Not remarkably, the #Girther hashtag started to trend on Twitter:

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