Femme cite Trump alors que l'homme appelle « violeur,’ 'illégal’ en diatribe virale

    ' 'illegal' - CNN

    (CNN)A Latino guy and his mom who were doing lawn operate in California were verbally assaulted by a lady who called themillegals” et “rapists,” and a video of the encounter has actually gone viral.

    I stated ‘Hey, exactly what’s your issue?'” Guzman, who stated he was born and raised in the Lake Arrowhead location of Southern California, informed Lemon. “And she states, ‘You’re all prohibited. Return to Mexico.And I state, ‘I am a United States resident. Exactly what are you discussing?'”
    Vidéo, shot by Guzman’s mom, of the encounter was published on Gazouillement Monday and had actually gathered more than 2 million views by Monday night.
        The video reveals the lady pointing her finger at Guzman’s face and scolding the California local.
        Why do you dislike ?” Guzman asked throughout the encounter.
        Because you’re Mexicans,” the female responded.
        We’re sincere individuals here,” Guzman stated.
        “Ouais, rapists,” the lady stated.
        The lady likewise stated, “even the President of the United States states you’re a rapist.
        Guzman informed CNN he has actually never ever seen the female prior to their conflict. CNN was not able to right away identify the female’s identity to attempt to reach her for remark.
        I’m not that individual that, tu comprends, that the President of the United States states I am,” Guzman stated he informed the female. “People take a look at me and they see exactly what he stated on TELEVISION which’s not real. That’s not real for any of us.
        During a June 2015 speech revealing his candidateship, Trump described some Mexican immigrants asrapists.
        When Mexico sends its individuals, they’re not sending their finest,” Trump stated in 2015. “They’re sending out individuals that have great deals of issues, and they’re bringing those issues with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing criminal offense. They’re rapists. And some, I presume, ready individuals.
        Guzman included that bigotry isalive and well todaywhich individuals are more embolden to assault Mexican immigrants.
        I seem like individuals are a little bit more entitled to state, ‘Heyreturn to Mexico,'” il a déclaré. “And I’m like, Pourquoi? I live here. I have a home mortgage here.
        Guzman went on to state how happy he was of his exchange with the unknown lady.
        When I defended my mom, I defended everyone that is frightened to speak out,” il a déclaré. “I defended the little individuals. For individuals that do not have a voice in this nation. “

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