Wil Wheaton Wears ‘Star TrekUniform To ‘Star WarsFOR REAL

    Life gloriously mimicked art Thursday when star used a “ Star Trek ” outfit to a screening of “ Guerres des étoiles: Le dernier Jedi. ”

    Wheaton represented Wesley Crusher on TELEVISION ’ s “ Star Trek: The Next Generation(1987-1994), and has actually been playing himself onThe Big Bang Theory. ” Dans un 2015 episode of the hit comedy, he enjoyed a “ Guerres des étoiles ” motion picture in “ Star Trek ” attire, drawing in boos from the audience and an insult from one spectator. “ Live long and draw it! ” he shouted back in an unforgettable line.

    He didnt state how he was welcomed inside Hollywoods Graumans Chinese Theater, however he had absolutely nothing however appreciation for “ Le dernier Jedi ” sur Twitter. When it comes to his option of gown, Wheaton composed: “ I entered outfit for the very first time ever, since I am a damn grownup and I get to choose exactly what it implies.

    One individual had a best action to his stunt:

    For the inexperienced, ici’ s theBig Bang Theoryscene:

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