Quels sont les bienfaits de l'eau de noix de coco?

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    (CNN)Some individuals enjoy the taste, and some dislike it. There is no argument that coconut water has expanded in appeal over the previous years.

    Coconut water is a liquid that is drained pipes from the center of coconuts and after that packaged and offered in shops. Some business include fruit juice or coffee to it.
    So exactly what is the fact about this fashionable drink, frequently marketed for its hydrating advantages and applauded as a hangover remedy?
        Let’s have a look at exactly what the professionals needed to state.

        Is it more hydrating than water or a sports beverage?

        The research study states no. 2 research studies revealed that coconut water by itself supplied a very little distinction in hydration in human beings, compared to water and sports beverages.
        Lisa Drayer, a signed up dietitian, concurs with the research study. She stated it’s crucial to think about that the very first research study was moneyed by VitaCoco, a coconut water brand name, so it was in the finest interest of the business.
        Aussi, although this research study revealed that some individuals experienced bloating and an indigestion from the drink, the other research study’s individuals did not have these adverse effects. If there are unfavorable results, it’s most likely on a specific basis, Drayer stated.
        My recommendations would be to attempt coconut water prior to you utilize it for workout,” elle a déclaré.
        In regards to assisting with hangovers, Drayer stated, there is no important research study that recommends it is anymore helpful than consuming water.

        Does it have advantages throughout pregnancy?

        Some sites promote the benefits of drinking coconut water while pregnant. If you’re a rat , it may assist secure you versus high-fat-diet-induced modifications, one research study states. If you’re a pregnant human, you most likely should not utilize it as a replacement for other foods, Drayer stated.
        When I take a look at the dietary profile for coconut water, it essentially has no iron, no protein, barely any calcium, no omega-3s since it’s fat-free, and no folic acid,” elle a déclaré. “It’s not a great source of crucial pregnancy nutrients.
        It’s essential for pregnant ladies to remain hydrated, Drayer stated, so if coconut water is going to assist them get more fluids, she would advise it.
        Although coconut water does not yield a great deal of calcium, consuming a whole raw coconut might offer a great quantity of the nutrient. It’s still no contrast to a cup of milk, which has 6 times as much calcium as a wholecoconut and more protein, elle a déclaré.

        What about weight-loss?

        I do not believe there’s anything unique about coconut water that will assist improve your metabolic process. If you’re dehydrated, that may slow your metabolic process,” Drayer stated. “I would not always suggest it for weight-loss. It has more calories than water.
        Coconut waters usually have 5 à 7 calories et 1 gram of sugar per ounce. A great deal of individuals who are enjoying their weight might not wish to consume their calories, Drayer stated. For those who are working out and feel like they can pay for the calories, it should not be a concern.
        There has actually been some talk on the Internet that drinking coconut water on an empty stomach in the early morning can promote metabolic process, in addition to increase resistance and minimize bad cholesterol. Jason Ewoldt, signed up dietitian and dietitian at the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program, stated the research study would not support this.
        It appears like there’s constantly some brand-new breaking thing that you need to consume in the early morning on an empty stomach to assist with weight-loss or energy or exactly what have you,” Ewoldt stated. “There’s absolutely nothing unique about coconut water. It’s basically water with some electrolytes, which you might perform in the early morning by consuming a glass of water and having a banana.

        Potassium advantages

        Potassium is a mineral that plays a crucial function in keeping the body’s heart beat, contraction, cholesterol and nerve impulses. Coconut water has more potassium than a medium banana.
        When I take a look at coconut water, the most significant advantage is originating from that it’s a great or high source of potassium,” Ewoldt stated. “But we can do the exact same thing by consuming foods that have a high source of potassium, like potatoes or kidney beans or spinach. It would be a heck of a lot less expensive, and eventually, we ‘d be getting a lot more nutrition that simply with potassium.
        If you wish to eliminate 2 birds with one stone nutritionally, coconut water is most likely not the method to go.

        What about coconut oil and coconut milk?

        Coconut oil had a healthy image amongstfoodiesfor a while, typically as a main cooking component. UNE current report by the American Heart Association shut this down, mentioning that coconut oil has a greater portion of saturated fat than butter, palm oil and lard. It referenced numerous research studies discovering that the oil increases LDL– également dénommé “badcholesterolwhich triggers cardiovascular disease.
        Ewoldt concurs with the association’s conclusion and is uncertain why some think about coconut oil to be a natural food, il a déclaré. He does not believe severe care requires to be taken. It can be consumed in small amounts as an addition to a healthy diet plan, il a déclaré. “Should we be consuming it believing it’s healthy? No.
        People are much better off consuming foods with unsaturated fats, like avocados and olive oil, il a déclaré. Unsaturated fats have actually been revealed to have cardiovascular protective impacts.
        Coconut milk is likewise greater in hydrogenated fat and calories, il a déclaré. It has much less potassium than coconut water and little fiber. It makes a good replacement for individuals who are lactose intolerant, il a déclaré.

        The decision on coconut water

        Drayer stated coconut water has hydrating advantages, however she saw absolutely nothing unique about it nutritionally, compared to entire foods.
        It can assist to hydrate you and ensure you’re satisfying your fluid requires,” Drayer stated. “But I do not believe there’s anything wonderful about it. I do not believe there’s anything that you would not discover in entire foods that it includes. And the research studies that connect it to different health claims definitely have not been extensive enough.

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        Ewoldt alerted versus any presumptions that coconut water might have unique health homes, specifically if it’s causing heavy costs.
        “Global, I would state if you’re searching for a various drink to assist with hydration, coconut water can be that drink. Is it much better than drinking water or consuming veggies and fruits? Never,” il a déclaré. “If you’re conscious of the quantity you’re consuming coconut water and you’re having a healthy well balanced diet plan, it can be an addition to a diet plan as anything can. If you’re looking at it from the point of ‘it’s a wonderful elixir,’ you’re investing a lot of cash on something that’s doing really little bit.

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