‘WestworldSeason 2 Teaser Suggests Violent Delights Have Violent Ends

    Tigers and lions and robotics, oh my!

    Season 1 du program Westworld was a labyrinth of weaves that exposed alternate timelines, Sir secret strategies and that generally everybody’s a robotic.

    À présent, Season 2 is getting a , which exposes some tough realities at the same time.

    A brand-new trailer revealed Saturday at the San Diego Comic-Con reveals the robotic characters, who formerly served human beings, taking control in some really violent methods.

    And all to the tune of Sammy Davis, Jr., singingI Got ta Be Me.

    Hopkins is no place to be seen in the trailer, however the last shot of bloodied face evilly smirking suffices to whet the cravings of fans up until the program returns in 2018.

    Anthony Hopkins


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