Victoria Beckham Just Nixed The Spice Girls Reunion Tour Again

    D'accord, attendre, actually THREE DAYS AGO the Spice Girls were all reunited

    This isn’t really the very first time we’ve discovered that the Girlslong-discussed reunion trip was apparently going to end up being a genuine thing , and it’s likewise not the very first time that Victoria has actually flat out declined the reunion after earlier suggesting it may take place .

    But this time appears particularly unexpected???

    Just days after consulting with the other 4 Spice Girls and truly making everybody get all thrilled about the reunion, Victoria nixed all of it with this basic little declaration on Saturday (énumérés ci-dessous):

    I’m not going on trip. The ladies aren’t going on trip.


    Victoria dropped that little declaration to Vogue UK on Saturday while ignoring a sneak peek of her autumn/winter 2018 collection, which is set to display in New York tomorrow early morning.

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    She continued, aussi, talking about the Girlsfunction in popular culture and as a group of good example for females, prior to advising everybody that style is exactly what she does now (énumérés ci-dessous):

    It was so fantastic to see the women. We had such an enjoyable lunch. It was actually, truly, actually charming. I still talk to them all separately, however for all of us to obtain together was truly beautiful. There’s something so strong in the message of exactly what the Spice Girls meant. Exactly what is that in the future? Exactly what does that appear like? We were simply bouncing concepts around. Conceptualizing. This is exactly what I do.


    The closer they get, the more away it appears they are!

    Alors, comme, will this EVER occur??

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