Trump’s most recent lie was so bad, even Fox News called him out

    Image: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

    Président has actually been quite peaceful on Twitter recently. Possibly he’s turned a corner? Possibly this is the governmental pivot? Possibly the White House personnel concealed his phone?

    bien, he broke that impression Thursday early morning when he when again tweeted an outright , one that is quickly disproven.

    In the tweet, Trump states that 45.6 million individuals enjoyed his State of the Union address on Tuesday. Far, so great. That number checks out.

    But then he declares that’s thegreatest number in history.

    This is something an easy Google search quickly unwinds. Numerous data tracking websites and viewership records program that Trump’s very first State of the Union was someplace in the middle of the pack. The biggest on record for viewership is George W. Bush’s 2003 speech, which brought in 62 million audiences.

    The one lie was so brazen, so certainly incorrect, so recognizably incorrect that even Fox News felt it required to remedy Trump.

    Now we understand that it considers Fox News to call out the President’s continuous stream of false information is a plain, black-and-white lie. Development!

    Bien sûr, this was the Fox News Research Twitter account, which has just 43,000 fans. Fox News primary Twitter account , with its 17 million fans, picked not to highlight the overall fallacy.

    Trump has actually long been consumed with any number connected with him being the outright finest, greatest, or biggest possible. This viewership claim quickly mirrors Sean Spicer’s vibrant lie about participation for the inauguration. We’re sure it will not be the last.

    Alors, well done, Fox. Method to discover your method over to the side of realities.

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