Ce créateur de baskets créé l'un des coups de pieds les plus précieux jamais


    Behold: heels.
    Image: crocs/amazon

    Today in shoes we never ever requested: Crocs provides its Cyprus V heels .

    This unfashionable set of heels looks as though a set of Crocs was planted in soil, put in direct sunshine, and become something much even worse than the initial. And they can be yours for the low cost of $224.77! Isn’t really that wonderful? (The business has far more budget friendly unsightly heels on its site .)

    The heels are available in black or an enjoyablePlatinum/Wild Orchidchoice if you’re feeling daring, and they’re made from the traditional Crocs Croslite product, with that very same artificial sole you like and understand.


    As far as uncommon Crocs (or Croc-inspired shoes) go, these are far from the weirdest. There’ve been tube-sock Crocs , furry Crocs , as well as platform Crocs designed on the runway for Balenciaga.

    If you’re passing away to update your Crocs video game from the timeless flat slingback to huge plastic heels, you ‘d much better relocation quickly since they’re almost offered out on Amazon.

    Regardez, we do not actually comprehend either, however that’s 2018 for ya.

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