The world as we know it is now a giant sandwich

    Image: Lee St. John/Facebook

    Lee St. John from Minnesota had an innovative concept: construct an earth . 4 hours later on, he partnered with his brand-new buddy, Subash Luitel, in India to take control of the world, Subway design.

    It was as easy as laying one piece of bread on the ground in Minnesota and having Subash put a piece in Delhi, India. Soon after publishing the outcomes on Facebook, the news that our truth is now a huge sandwich rapidly went viral, acquiring over 100,00 retweets and numerous shares on Facebook .

    Subash was not surprisingly puzzled at.

    Image: Lee St. John/Facebook

    Lee stated he choosesa great, thick entire grain bread,” for his Earth sandwiches.

    An extremely actual image understood throughout.

    Image: Lee St. John/Facebook

    Lee likewise wishes to rope in Elon Musk for his next sandwich stunt. No world is safe.

    Lee published the very first photo.

    Image: Lee St. John/Facebook

    Lee and Subash are still pals, and Lee is presently dealing with getting Subash to the States for a sandwich celebration.

    Subash did the same, and all of a sudden our world was changed.

    Image: Lee St. John/Facebook

    “Honnêtement, I was simply tired one night and believed it would be incredible to get in touch with a complete stranger from the opposite of the world to manage something incredible and amusing,” Lee stated. “Thanks to the magic all of us have at our fingertips, I had the ability to do that.

    Lee credits Chive Minnesota, a chapter of the independent photo-entertainment site, loaded withlovely thoughtful misfits [cette] have actually constantly been so encouraging of [Lee] et [his] concepts.

    Since going viral, Lee has actually been utilizing the chance to raise awareness for his 2 preferred charities: Chive Charities et Heroes Meeting Heroes .

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