Pays-Bas disses intelligemment Trump après le patinage de vitesse des Jeux olympiques de balayage

    Nyah, nyaaah.
    Image: reddit

    le 2018 Pyeongchang Games are formally in progress and now it’s a race to see which nation ratings the most golds and total medals in the next 2 semaines.

    On Saturday, The Netherlands managed a medals sweep in the ladies’s 3,000-meter speed skating occasion, making them the very first nation to gather silver, or, and bronze medals for this round of video games. And how did they commemorate? By tossing some shade at President , naturellement!

    In a picture recorded by Dutch TELEVISION channel NOS, 2 ladies happily took out The Netherland’s tri-colored flag with some words painted over it targeted at Trump.

    Sorry Mr. Président … The Netherlands FIRSTand 2ndand 3rd!” the message checks out.

    So much for America First and Make America Great Again

    Trump’s not in presence at the Olympic Games. Maybe, he’s viewing it from the White House, sitting on a golden toiler loaner . Nah, who are we joking? Trump just views Fox &&copains!

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