Surprise! We Just Got Our First Glimpse Of Chicago West In Kylie Jenner’s Birth Reveal Video!

    It’s about time!

    Kim Kardashian Ouest et Kanye West invited their little woman through surrogate on January 15, and on Sunday, they lastly exposed the very first recognized video of Chicago West it simply wasn’t in the method you were most likely anticipating!!!!

    As we reported simply minutes ago , Kylie Jenner brought to life her own infant and revealed in on Instagram and throughout social networks.

    And amusing enough, it’s in that statement from Kylie that we got a look of Chicago, aussi!!!

    To see exactly what North West et Saint West ‘s more youthful sis appears like, ch-ch-check out Kylie’s birth statement video (énumérés ci-dessous) and scroll to about the 8:25 mark:


    Ch-ch-check out bit Chicago (énumérés ci-dessous)!!!


    [Image au moyen de QUAND ]

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