Robert Mugabe ‘not sleeping, just resting his eyes

    Zimbabwes 93-year-old president has actually been photographed relatively dozing at numerous conferences, however his spokesperson states its an optical condition

    Robert Mugabe is not oversleeping conferences as a series of images would recommend. His PR guy has actually stated, he is just resting his eyes.

    The state-run Herald paper on Thursday estimated spokesperson George Charamba as stating the 93-year-old Zimbabwean president has a medical condition that indicates his eyes cant deal with intense lights.

    He spoke after Mugabe left today for medical treatment for his eyes in Singapore.

    I seem like a failure when there is this reading that the president is oversleeping conferences no, Charamba stated.

    The remarks followed Mugabe was recorded obviously dozing at a World Economic Forum conference in South Afrique this month.

    Theophilous (@tchiviru)

    #Mugabe sleeping at the #WEF throughout a conversation on youth participation in choice making. Unfortunate

    Mai 4, 2017

    It isn’t really the very first time he has actually been photographed mid-nap. It likewise occurred throughout Ghanas 60th anniversary of Independence parade in March.

    #Ghana est 60 and continuous is the self-reliance day parade. Mugabe is captured sleeping while event is continuous. #Ghana 60YearsOn

    Mars 6, 2017

    Mugabes weakening health is being viewed thoroughly in Zimbabwe. Pictures of him having a hard time to stroll on a red carpet and falling from a raised lectern in 2015 have actually trended on social networks.

    He has actually been in power given that 1980 and states he will run for election once again next year.

    Associated Press added to this report

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