Fils de Reagan: La base de Trump choisiriez Poutine sur tout démocrate Comme U.S. Président

    The child of previous President Ronald Reagan thinks Donald Trump s political base is so taken in by hatred for the Democrats that they would elect Vladimir Putin to be Americas president rather of practically any member of cette celebration.

    They truly arent in touch with truth. The most essential thing to them [is that Trump] appears to dislike the exact same individuals that they dislike, ” Ron Reagan informed Chris Matthews on MSNBC’ s “ Hardball on Thursday. “ Cette ’ s the genuine Trump derangement syndrome.

    On the other hand, they like individuals Trump likes, Reagan stated. Russian President Putins appeal is increasing, he kept in mind.

    If it was left simply approximately Trumps base, they would choose Vladimir Putin as president of the United States over practically anyone with a D after their name, ” he included. “ If Trump appears to enjoy Putin, theyll love Putin, aussi.”

    A revved-up Matthews groused that if President Barack Obama had actually dedicated an antic like among Trump’ s, il “ would have been keelhauled.

    Reagan reacted: “ Toi ’ re definitely right. No previous president might have gotten away with even a tenth of the important things that Donald Trump has.

    Check out the rest in the video above.