Quentin Tarantino Once Said 13-Year-Old Raped By Roman Polanski ‘Wanted To Have It

    Quentin Tarantino might have some more describing to do, a day after he revealed remorse over aKill Billdriving stunt that hurt star Uma Thurman .

    UNE 2003 radio interview with Howard Stern where Tarantino minimized Roman Polanski s sexual attack of a 13-year-old woman went viral, positioning winning filmmaker in an unpleasant spotlight.

    She wished to have it, ” la “ The Hateful Eightdeveloper stated of Polanskis victim in the clip listed below.

    He didnt rape a 13-year-old , ” Tarantino informed Stern. “ It was statutory rape. Cette ’ s not the exact same thing. … He had sex with a small, tout. Cette ’ s not rape. pour moi, when you utilize the word rape, toi ’ re discussing violent, tossing them down. ”

    Tarantino included: “ Throwing the wordrapearound resembles tossing the wordracist ’ environ. C'est pas ca’ t use to whatever that individuals utilize it for.

    When radio co-host stated the woman didnt wish to make love, Tarantino countered: “ She wished to have it. ”

    Quivers mentioned that the lady had actually been provided alcohol and drugs, however Tarantino didnt waver.

    Polanski, director ofRosemarys Baby ” et “ , ” was accuseded of raping a 13-year-old woman in 1977. He pleaded guilty to illegal sex with a small, however left the nation prior to sentencing.


    , envisioned in May 2017, is getting heat for remarks he made in an old interview with Howard Stern.

    Quivers kept in mind that Polanski might have prevented difficulty in the very first location by keeping away from the 13-year-old, who actually didnt have legal standing to state yes or no. “ He likes women, ” Tarantino stated.

    Tarantino yielded that if the victim were his child in a comparable scenario, “ I ’d beat the hell from him. ” But the victim when it comes to Polanski, il a déclaré, “ was down to celebration with Roman.

    In an unassociated advancement Monday, Tarantino informed Deadline that having Thurman drive in aKill Billstunt that led to a crash that hurt her neck and knees was the greatest remorse of my life . ”

    In an earlier New York Times piece, Thurman talked about a supposed attack by Harvey Weinstein and the vehicle occurrence.

    Reps for Tarantino didnt instantly react to a HuffPost ask for remark.

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