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    Légende des médias The brand-new £ 1.35 bn Queensferry Crossing comes to life in multi-colour.

    The brand-new £ 1.35 bn Queensferry Crossing has actually been illuminated to mark the handover of the bridge from the specialists to the Scottish federal government.

    The 1.7-mile (2.7 km) crossing over the River Forth will completely open to traffic for the very first time on Wednesday.

    On Monday night, a procession of cars took a trip throughout the structure ahead of a handover event.

    First Minister Nicola Sturgeon then turned on the lights and a forecast was beamed over the whole bridge.

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    Légende de l'image The very first minister participated in the main handover of the bridge
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    Légende de l'image The brand-new crossing over the River Forth was illuminated on Monday night
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    Addressing employees on the crossing, Ms Sturgeon thanked them and informed them they had actuallymade history”.

    She included: “Conception, building and engineeringin its own right it is definitely remarkable.

    But when you put it into the context of these 2 other incredible bridges, exactly what you have actually done here is produce something genuinely unique.

    This is going to be a traveler destination. It includes wonderfully to the Scottish horizon.

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    Légende de l'image The event illuminated the night sky
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    Légende de l'image Spectators see theswitch-on

    The brand-new crossing will take the majority of the lorries that presently take a trip over the 53-year-old .

    The existing suspension bridge will be adjusted to be utilized by lighter traffic such as cycles, pedestrians and .

    public transportation

    The existing Forth Road Bridge opened in 1964 however a severe issue was discovered with deterioration of the wires inside its cable televisions not long after its 40th birthday.

    The deterioration implied that the bridge’s cable televisions had actually currently lost about 10% of their strength and it was anticipated that it may not have the ability to take the heavy loads for a lot more than a years.

    The choice to change it was taken in 2007, with building and construction of the brand-new crossing start in September 2011.

    The brand-new bridge has actually beendeveloped for upkeepto guarantee it runs efficiently for years.

    To prevent closures the Forth Road Bridge has actually dealt with in bad weather condition, wind barriers have actually been set up along the Queensferry Crossing which can stand up to the greatest gusts.

    Engineers think the crossing will never ever need to near to cars in strong winds, déclarant “if you can own to the bridge then you can crossas the barriers will make the bridge calmer than method roadways.

    Opening the Queensferry Crossing

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    Légende de l'image The brand-new crossing will open to traffic for the very first time on Wednesday

    Wednesday 30 août

    In the early hours of the early morning, the Queensferry Crossing will completely open to traffic in both instructions.

    Police will put in location a rolling obstruction to stop traffic owning throughout the Forth Road Bridge and will reroute them throughout the Queensferry Crossing.

    The northbound carriageway will be opened. carriageway will be opened about 45 minutes later on.

    The bridge will be totally available to traffic for the remainder of the day and the following day.

    Friday 1 septembre

    Early in the early morning, the Queensferry Crossing will near all traffic.

    Police will reroute all lorries back throughout the Forth Road Bridge.

    It will stay closed till the early hours of Thursday early morning.

    Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 septembre

    À propos 50,000 members of the general public, who were offered tickets after a tally, will get aas soon as in a life timepossibility to stroll over the brand-new bridge on Saturday and Sunday.

    Monday 4 septembre

    le will formally open the Queensferry Crossing. She will be signed up with by the Duke of .

    The Moderator of the du will bless the bridge, and the Queen will cut a ribbon on the south side.

    Mardi 5 septembre

    A possibility for a more 10,000 regional individuals and school kids to stroll the bridge.

    Thursday 7 septembre

    The bridge will re-open to traffic, without any pedestrian gain access to.

    The preliminary speed limitation will be 40mph however after work has actually been finished to adjust the Forth Road Bridge public transportation will be changed back to the old bridge and the Queensferry Crossing will end up being a 70 miles per hour freeway.

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