Portuguese president gives Trump the most Big Dick Energy handshake yet

    Lost amidst the mayhem of Wednesday’s Supreme Court-related news was this little meet-and-greet in between President Trump and ’s president, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, that included another chapter to Trump’s collection of uncomfortable handshakes .

    From the video, it looks like if de Sousa provides Trump a good company pull, bending a little bit of supremacy over the Handshaker-in-Chief, leaving Trump a little off-balance due to the fact that, hi that’s normally his relocation .

    Unsurprisingly, the handshake didn’t make the White House’s emphasize reel of de Sousa’s go to as only Trump’s on-again off-again Euro Bro BFF Emanuel Macron is normally enabled à escape avec cette .

    Source de l'article: http://mashable.com/