Parkland students: our manifesto to change America’s gun laws | Editorial staff of the Eagle Eye

    After the massacre at our high school, our lives have actually altered permanently so were proposing these modifications to stop mass shootings

    UNE s a trainee publication, the Eagle Eye works to inform the stories of those who do not have a voice. Aujourd'hui, we are the ones who feel our voice should rise.

    In the wake of the catastrophe that happened at our school on 14 February at Marjory Stoneman Douglas, our lives have actually altered beyond exactly what we ever thought of. nous, together with our publication, have actually been changed. We will stay so for the rest of our lives.


    We have a special platform not just as trainee reporters, however likewise as survivors of a mass shooting. We are direct witnesses to the sort of destruction that gross incompetence and political inactiveness can produce. We can not stand idly by as the nation continues to be contaminated by an afflict of weapon violence that leaks into neighborhood after neighborhood, and does irreversible damage to the hearts and minds of the American individuals.

    That’s why the Eagle Eye has actually come together and proposed these following modifications to weapon policy. Our company believe federal and state federal governments need to put these in location to make sure that mass shootings and weapon violence stop to be a staple of American culture.

    We will be marching this Saturday, 24 Mars, for those that we lost and enjoyed, and we compose this in the hope that no other neighborhood or publication will ever need to do the very same.

    The modifications we propose:

    Ban semi-automatic weapons that fire high-velocity rounds

    Civilians should not have access to the exact same weapons that soldiers do. That’s a gross abuse of the 2nd change.

    These weapons were created for dealing death: not to targets or animals, however to other people. That they can be purchased by the public does not promote domestic serenity. Plutôt, their schedule puts us into the sort of risk dealt with by females and males caught in battle zone.

    This scenario shows a failure of our federal government. It should be remedied to make sure the security of those ensured the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of joy.

    Madyson Kravitz, Dara Rosen Photograph: Ali Smith for the Guardian

    Ban devices that replicate automated weapons

    High-capacity publications played a big function in the shooting at our school. In just 10 minutes, 17 individuals were eliminated, et 17 others were hurt. This is undesirable.

    That’s why our company believe that bump stocks, high-capacity publications and comparable devices that imitate the result of military-grade automated weapons must be prohibited.

    dans le 2017 shooting in Las Vegas, 58 individuals were eliminated and 851 others were hurt. The shooter’s usage of bump stocks allowed huge varieties of individuals to be injured while collected in among the most renowned cities in America. It can take place anywhere if it can occur there. That’s why action needs to be required to take these devices off the marketplace.

    Establish a database of weapon sales and universal background checks

    We think that there must be a database recording which weapons are offered in the United States, to whom, and of exactly what quality and capability they are.

    Just as the department of automobile has a database of license plates and automobile owners, the Department of Defense must have a database of weapon identification number and weapon owners. This information need to be coupled with violations of weapon laws, previous criminal offenses and the status of the weapon owner’s psychological health and physical ability.

    Together with universal background checks, this system would assist police stop a possibly unsafe individual prior to they dedicate a weapon criminal activity.

    Change personal privacy laws to enable psychological doctor to interact with police

    As seen in the catastrophe at our school, bad interaction in between psychological doctor and police might have added to a disrupted individual with homicidal propensities and intents gunning and going into a school down 17 individuals in cold blood.

    We should enhance this channel of interaction. To do so, personal privacy laws ought to be changed. That will enable us to avoid individuals who are a threat to themselves or to others from buying guns. That might assist avoid catastrophes such as the Parkland massacre.

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    Taylor Yon, Leni Steinhardt, Emma Dowd Photograph: Ali Smith for the Guardian

    Close weapon program and previously owned sales loopholes

    Thanks to loopholes, individuals who otherwise would not have the ability to purchase guns have the ability to acquire them at weapon programs and pre-owned sales. The presence of these loopholes shows the ineptitude of state and federal lawmakers.

    If we are major about avoiding individuals from acquiring fatal weapons, we should keep track of sales that occur at weapon programs and on previously owned markets. This is specifically immediate provided the risk postured by violent and psychologically unsteady people equipped with guns.

    Allow the CDC to make suggestions for weapon reform

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ought to be enabled to perform research study on the risks of weapon violence. That they are presently restricted from doing so weakens the very first change. It likewise breaks the rights of the American individuals.

    It is hypocritical to rally individuals to safeguard the 2nd change, while staying quiet en routes that obstructing research study breaks among our the majority of standard constitutional flexibilities.

    Raise the gun purchase age to 21

    In a couple of months from now, much of us will be turning 18. We will not have the ability to consume; we will not have the ability to lease a vehicle. The majority of us will still be dealing with our moms and dads. We will not have the ability to acquire a pistol. Mais, we will have the ability to acquire an AR-15.

    Why is it that we will have the ability to lawfully acquire a weapon that has the capability to fire over 150 rounds and eliminate 17 individuals in about 6 minutes? That is undesirable. It makes no sense that to purchase a pistol, you need to be 21, however a weapon of mass damage and destruction like the AR-15 can be bought when one is simply ending up being a grownup.

    With the exception of those who are serving the United States in the military, the age to get any gun should be raised to 21.

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    Brianna Fisher, Zoe Gordon Photograph: Ali Smith for the Guardian

    Dedicate more funds to psychological health research study and experts

    Federal and state federal government ought to allocate more funds particularly for psychological health services. Those with psychological health problems, particularly those who reveal aggressive, violent, bloodthirsty and/or self-destructive ideas ought to have the chance to get the assistance they require no matter their financial status.

    Schools particularly ought to get more funds in order to employ more psychologists and assistance therapists who can assist trainees struggling with PTSD, anxiety and other disabling mental disorders.

    Many of those who dedicate mass shootings struggle with these sort of diseases. It is vital that more funds be committed to psychological health research study.

    Increase financing for school security

    We think that schools ought to be provided adequate funds for school security and resource officers to safeguard and protect the whole school. As a school of over 3,000 trainees, instructors and professors, Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school was just provided funds to work with one on-campus armed resource officer by the state.

    Without backup, this officer’s doubt showed to be devastating and enabled the ridiculous deaths of individuals who were eliminated on the 3rd flooring of the 1200 structure.

    Though this concept has actually been proposed in the past, these funds must not be appropriated from the currently limited financing for public education. Federal governments ought to discover resources to protect the countless kids that participate in public schools without eliminating from the quality of education that is used at these organizations.

    The Eagle Eye is the paper of Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school. Editorial personnel: Madyson Kravitz, Dara Rosen, Taylor Yon, Leni Steinhardt, Emma Dowd, Brianna Fisher, Zoe Gordon, Kyra Parrow, Carly Novell, Rebecca Schneid, Kevin Trejos, Suzanna Barna, Nikhita Nookala, Richard Doan, and Christy Ma

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