Orange Order: Protestants told not to use RIP as it is Catholic superstition

    Five hundred years after reformation, Northern Irelands Orange Order states RIP is un-biblical and un-protestant

    The Orange Order has actually encouraged its members and all those who consider themselves Protestant to stop utilizing the expression RIP to provide compassion after an individual has actually passed away since it is un-Protestant, un-biblical and a superstitious notion linked to Catholicism .

    A post in The Orange Standard , the Northern Ireland-centred Protestant organisations paper, stated the expression was an illustration of spiritual confusion within Protestant circles.

    Noting the increased usage of RIP an abbreviation of the Latin expression requiescat in rate, or rest in peace on social networks, Wallace Thompson, secretary of Evangelical Protestants Northern Ireland , déclaré: Im mindful that this sort of problem is a delicate one due to the fact that when we utilize those letters we are doing so at the time of a death.

    Just observing social networks, we have actually discovered that the letters RIP are utilized a lot by Protestants, and some by evangelical Protestants.

    I comprehend the Roman Catholic position on this, its more an issue that I would have which the evangelical Protestant society would have simply for a much better understanding amongst evangelical Protestants of the concerns, Thompson stated on BBC Radio Ulsters Talkback program .

    Thompson, who likewise composed a Facebook post on the concern, stated he thought about RIP to be a prayer for the dead, which he did not motivate.

    From a Protestant perspective, our company believe thatwhen death goes either comes an individual to be with Christ for all eternity, or into hellthats exactly what our company believe the gospel to be. In this 500th year of the reformation I believe [Martin] Luther, when the scales fell off his eyes, I believe he understood it was all by faith alone, in Christ alone, cette … when death comes that choice [on whether you go to paradise or hell] has actually been made and no choices are made after death, stated Thompson.

    Speaking on the exact same program, previous Presbyterian church mediator Dr Ken Newell stated he did rarely utilize RIP. When individuals utilize [I believe RIP] in social networks, theres a remembrance and an excellent desire in it, practically a true blessing, il a déclaré. When utilizing the expression, #SUIVRE

    He did not believe individuals were hoping for the dead. They are making an excellent point if folk in the Orange Order desire to take this line thats completely up to them.

    I believe regular individuals have actually not exercised the concerns. This comes out of the human heart, Newell stated.

    The Orange Orders origins date from the 17th century fight for supremacy in between and Protestantism. It concerns itself as supporting the ascendancy of a Protestant emperor in the UK.

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