NRA Takes Aim At March For Our Lives Protest, Mocks Gun Violence Survivors

    As numerous countless protesters prepared to collect in and other cities throughout the United States on Saturday to require significant weapon reform, la nécessaire pour to mock the March For Our Livesoccasion and the young weapon violence survivors who led it.

    The group published a membership-drive video to Facebook with a scathing caption about the looming demonstration marches on Saturday early morning.

    “ Aujourd'hui ’ s demonstrations arent spontaneous, ” the post stated. “ Gun-hating billionaires and Hollywood elites are controling and making use of kids as part of their strategy to DESTROY the Second Amendment and strip us of our right to safeguard ourselves and our enjoyed ones.

    Join the NRA, the group included, à “ battle and stand for our kids ’ Sécurité. ”

    Colion Noir

    The Washington Post by means of
    Thousands of protesters loaded Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington throughout the March for Our Lives collecting on Saturday. The more popular demonstration chants consisted ofNot one more, ” “ Vote them out
    et “ The NRA has actually got to go! ”

    le “ March For Our Livesdemonstration was led by trainees from in Parkland, , où 17 individuals were eliminated last month in a shooting rampage.

    The young activists provided significant, impassioned speeches at the D.C. occasion, excoriating legislators who have actually cannot act to minimize weapon violence and the NRA for lobbying versus practical weapon control legislation.

    If we proceed, the NRA and those versus us will win, ” stated 17-year-old survivor Delaney Tarr. “ They desire us to forget. They desire our voices to be silenced. And they wish to pull away into the shadows where they can stay undetected. They wish to be back on top, undoubted in their corruption, however we can not and we will not let that occur.

    As the rally was getting underway, the NRA which was otherwise notably quiet on social networks on Saturday shared another video on Facebook; this time of a clip buffooning the march as a carnival . ”

    The clip, which included NRA TELEVISION hostColion Noir ”(a pseudonym for Collins Iyare Idehen Jr.), had actually initially been shared on YouTube on Thursday with the title A March For Their Lies . ”

    From where Im standing, it appears like amarch to burn the Constitution and reword the parts that they weart like in crayon, ” Noir stated, describing the young activists leading the rally.

    In another NRA TELEVISION clip published Thursday, Noir had actually accosted the Parkland survivors, déclarant “ nobody would understand your namesif somebody with a weapon had actually stopped the shooting at their school.

    These kids should be marching versus their own hypocritical belief structures, ” Noir stated, comprenant: “ The only factor weve ever become aware of them is due to the fact that the weapons didnt come quickly enough. ”