Now you can have your very own cuddly pet Chewbacca

    When the heck might Chewie fly ?!

    Everyone’s preferred wookie is now cuter and cuddlier than before.

    Ahead of New York Toy Fair , Hasbro has actually revealed theStar Wars Ultimate Co-pilot Chewie,” a 16-inch high furry variation of Han Solo’s BFF that roars when it’s family pet and spots motion and sounds. And here’s the craziest part: rock Chewie and he’ll go to sleep like a child.

    Created by FurReal Friends, the makers behind the irresistibly cute RoarinTyler Tiger, it’s not surprising that Chewie is similarly as charming.

    The business informs me the Chewie toy, which comes out this succumb to $129.99, has actually remained in advancement for about a year and half. Although it will not show up in time for the Solo motion picture this May, it’s still a sweet toy for Star Wars fans. Kids will most likely enjoy it a lot more, toutefois.

    Oh hey there cutie pie!

    Image: raymond wong/mashable

    brought a model variation of Chewiewires exposed from its back and allfor me to experiment with and it’s rather a toy. I certainly wanted my were this state-of-the-art.

    Talk to Chewie and he’ll react by roaring back and raising his arms up and down. The lil fella can respond with approximately 100 various noise and movement mixes.

    A forehead sensing unit understands when you pet him. Like a doggy.


    Here’s a take a look at Chewie in action:

    There are numerous different methods to activate Chewie besides speaking to it. You can push a button on his belly concealed beneath his fur, rub his forehead, shake him up and down, and fly him around. He’ll react in a different way each time.

    By far the most weirdest and oddly pleasing function includes putting Chewie to sleep. Rock the toy in your arms and his eyes will close as he begins snoring.

    Rock the little person and he’ll close his eyes and begin snoring till he’s sleeping and off.


    If you’ve constantly desired your very own family pet , this toy’s as excellent as it gets.

    He’s even got a small pouch that opens for saving things!

    Image: raymond wong/mashable

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