NBD, just a Donald Trump Dalek whizzing through London

    We Brits may be rubbish at a great deal of things, however objecting is something we’ve come down to an art. When it comes to instilling that signature British wit into our demonstration products, #SUIVRE

    Especially. Take this Trump Dalek, par exemple.

    The Dalek was seen zipping through Westminsterthe centre of flanked bysecret service representativessimply as Trump was showing up in the UK on Thursday.

    ICYMI, sont among the most feared races in deep space” dans Doctor Who and these pesky animals are hellbent ondamaging all human life.

    The Trump Dalek in Westminster came worn a little blonde toupe with a red tie.

    ITV press reporter Tom Barton recorded video footage of the little fella zooming throughout Westminster Bridge.

    Turns out there was a human inside the Dalek outfit. Ecological activist Al Binnie-Lubbock

    They will ruin your world one environment contract at a time,” Binnie-Libbock tweeted.


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