Moron harangues femme dans le parc pour le port shirt Porto Rico En Amérique

    A female establishing a birthday picnic at an park was consistently bothered by a mad complete stranger for using a T-shirt statingPuerto Rico ” dans .

    You ought to not be using that in the of America, ” il a déclaré.

    The troubling conflict last month was caught on video and published to Facebook juillet 6. The threatening male, who was plainly unaware that Puerto Rico is an area of the United States, accosted the female as a close by not did anythingdespite the fact that the lady consistently asked him for assistance. le even ignored her as the harasser asked him: “ Why is she using that shit?”

    Toi ’ ré “ not going to alter us, ” the harasser informed the femalethough it wasnt clear precisely whom he suggested by “ nous. ”

    At one point he asked the female, “ Are you informed? ”

    The lady stayed courteous and calm throughout the fight, calling the guysir. ”

    A late-arriving celebration visitor lastly bought the guy to leave, and he moved far from the lady

    The park place was not determined in , however a tracked the area as one of the locations monitored by the Forest Preserves , that includes Chicago. The officer caught on the video has actually been appointed to desk responsibility while his inactiveness is examined, inning accordance with a declaration from the department. The unknowninebriatededguy who confronted the female was jailed and accuseded of disorderly conduct.

    All individuals are welcome in the Forest Preserves of Cook County and nobody need to feel hazardous while visiting our maintains, ” the department tweeted.

    Check out the video above.

    The conflict is just the most current of a series of unsightly encounters over race and migration in America. A New Yorker just recently shrieked at an employee in a dining establishment for speaking Spanish , and cops have actually been gotten in touch with black kids trimming a yard et selling water in front of a home , and on an African-American firemen checking houses in Oakland , Californie. Cette’ s a small sample.