Kit Harington & Rose Leslie Are Engaged & They’re Making Our ‘GOTDreams Come True

    As a sensible old Impressive Clergyman as soon as stated, “ Mawwiage . Mawwiage is what bwings us togethew today” … or a minimum of the really considered it. While may not be the most romantic of stories, it has had a reasonable share of enthusiasts, consisting of the star-crossed Jon Snow and Ygritte. Off-screen, stars Kit Harington and Rose Leslie have actually dated so long, they’re showing the skeptics incorrect. And now report has it they might have taken the next rational action. Could it hold true? Are Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie engaged ? Inning accordance with a source, they formally are.

    connected to both Harington’s and Leslie’s representatives for verification however has actually not heard back by the time of publication.

    While they were never ever to be on screen, off screen, the stars who played Jon Snow and Ygritte, Kit Harington and Rose Leslie, have actually been dating given that they fulfilled on embeded in Season 2. They were very first identified together the summer season of 2012, after satisfying charming in the snow on screen, however prior to starting to movie their doomed love in Season 3.

    Perhaps presuming, as others would, that conference on set was too cliche, they separated by the summer season of 2013, and steadfastly appeared to be single all through the shooting of Ygritte’s last year on the program in Season 4. Even so, fans hoped they would fix up.

    Dans 2014, Harington appeared quite wistful for the relationship to come back once again, stating this about Leslie:

    If you’re currently brought in to somebody, and after that they play your love interest in the program, it ends up being really simple to fall in love.

    As did Leslie, who called Kit herdear pal.


    Kit is a amusing and charming male, and a dear good friend. We had actually understood each other prior to we began interacting on . Since it made our characters more credible, it was constantly such an advantage to be working opposite him and such a true blessing that we get on in genuine life.

    But after Leslie was off the program for great, and had actually carried on to movie a go back to the program where she initially increased to popularity () in addition to a starring turn with in Season 3, the triggers were still flying. By the next year, la 2 stars appeared to choose that it was okay to return to dating, considering that their destination to each other had actually well outlived their time together on screen. It wasn’t till April 2016 that they chose to formally go “ Publique, ” when they made their red carpet launching together at the Oliviers. (That’s the UK’s variation of the Tonys.)

    Récemment, it was reported that the 2 of them remain in so deep with their relationship, they’ve purchased a castle. Harington validated as much throughout journalism barrage for the run-up to this year’s season, informing James Corden that they were undoubtedly relocating together which Leslie was embellishing the castle as she chose. (Is there a DIY program on? I seem like they might completely fill an HGTV specific niche here.)

    À l'époque, , who likewise occurred to be on James Corden, promoting her own job asked Harington if he was proposing anytime quickly. Harington didn’t address, stating they were taking it one action at a time. (Besides, lots of individuals choose to purchase your house initially prior to investing cash on a wedding event. Just one assists you construct equity for the future. Reasonable ladies take the castle.)

    Did Kidman put the concern into Harington’s ? Or was this currently a scheduled thing, as soon as Season 7 was over, and Harington understood he would have time to fret about getting wed with the almost two-year wait till next season? If the reports are real quickly enough, ideally we’ll discover out.

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