Jimmy Kimmel Says Hes Filing A Federal Complaint Against The Trumps

    Jimmy Kimmel might end up costing Donald Trump’s family some big money.

    In light of the « s “buy Americanrhetoric, the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” host bought a bunch of merchandise from the , which is run by two of the president’s sons, to see where it all came from.

    “I’m sure Eric et Donald Jr. take this American thing very seriously,” Kimmel said. “These guys are red, white and blue to the core. They’re like a couple of flags wearing hair gel, these two.”

    bien, not so much.

    Most of the merchandise Kimmel purchased was made abroadand two items didn’t list a country of origin at all. Kimmel said such an omission could lead to potential fines of up to $500,000 if it turns out these products were made overseas.

    “This could be very expensive,” Kimmel said. “Not to mention embarrassing. Are they even capable of shameI mean Trump’s whole platform is about American companies, his company isn’t even supporting !

    And Kimmel has a way to fix it.

    “I’ll just file an official complaint and let them sort it out,” he said to cheers.

    Check out the segment in the clip above. 

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